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July 13, 2012

An Alexander Technique talk-through for you to use-free!

Semi-supine illustration with credit to http://www.alextech.homecall.co.uk

Hello my dear musicians and friends!

We had a great time in my June Alexander Technique class for string players! We read through a good deal of music while developing awareness about the body. There was hands-on time to get a deeper internal sense of the body, in sitting and in standing. We talked about the special issues that come up during difficult parts in music. There was laughter and talking and staying late. One of my favorite parts, though, was the beginning when we did an Alexander Technique semi-supine talk through on the floor to regroup and get thinking through our bodies.

I got some requests at the class to put a talk-through recording targeted for musicians online – so here it is! You can simply play it directly from the link, or if you’d like to save it to your computer, right click on a PC or option – click on a Mac, and select “Save Link As”.

How do you use your recording? Well, thinking through your body in the semi-supine (lying down with knees bent) position is one of the basic building blocks of the Alexander Technique. It helps you become aware of how your body feels and moves with your positional (kinesthetic) sense. One reason this is so great is that you won’t have to always rely on waiting until you’re in pain before you know something’s wrong – you’ll get better and better at sensing subtle hints of tension. Lying on the floor helps you get a great sense of your body’s support system, and helps you to know you’re breathing easily. You’re learning to decompress your body without effort, using your thinking. You’ll feel lighter and freer after doing it.

You’ll need a place to lie on the floor (not a bed, unless medical conditions keep you from getting up and down off the floor safely), a smallish-to-medium size paperback book to rest your head on, and approximately 20 minutes to lie down and listen to the recording undisturbed.

Have fun, and let me know how you like it by email, Twitter, or Facebook!

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